Link Profile Requests

This feature allows you to link your partner, playmates and lovers and is especially useful for our polyam members to better explain their relationship dynamic/s.

Requests to link to another member must be approved by the receiving member and either member can remove the link at any time.

Only send requests to members who you genuinely know and make sure you choose the right relationship dynamic option.

Linked members will appear on your profile directly underneath your profile image (or near the bottom of the page when on mobile) and, like validations, this is another effective way to show other members that you are genuine. 

We have a range of relationship dynamics to choose from to explain your relationship with the linked member. For example, if you have a couple profile and also play alone, to have a single male or single female account you link your profiles as “partners”.

List of options:
Partner, Fuckbuddy, Friends with Benefits, Playmate, Lover, Vixen & Stag, Poly group, Dominant/submissive, Kink family, Metamour

To send a request to Link your profile with another member:

  • View the member’s profile and press the 3 vertical dots at the top right
  • Choose ‘Link Profile’ to bring up the menu
  • Select the Relationship Dynamic that best describes your relationship with the member then press ‘Continue’
  • Press ‘Yes, Send Link Request’ to confirm.

Once the request has been sent, the other member will receive a notification. The member needs to accept your request before the link will be displayed on your profiles.

Receiving a Link Request
When receiving a notification of a Link Request, you can select to ‘Confirm’, ‘Reject’ or ‘Reject & Deny further Requests’.

  • Pressing Confirm will link your profiles and will then show on both of your profiles. The link can be amended at any time if you wish to change your Relationship Dynamic in the future or remove the link.
  • Pressing Reject will reject the Link. This can happen if the other member either does not wish to Link, or if they feel the wrong Relationship Dynamic has been selected.
  • Pressing Reject & deny further requests will prevent the member sending any further requests to link their profile to yours. If you change your mind later, you can still send a request to the member.