How do I report another member?

Use our Report Member feature to bring a member to our attention.

You can access the feature through:

The Member's profile page
Just press the icon with 3 dots which is located in their profile summary bar. Press 'Report Member' and select an appropriate reason for your report.

If a member has sent a rude or abusive message to you or if you think the profile may not be genuine report them by going to the conversation between you and the member, press on the three dots on the top righthand corner of the conversation, select 'Report Sender' from the drop-down and the reason for your report, providing as much information as possible in the 'Additional Information' section. 
To do this in the AMM app press the ‘i’ icon to the top right of the conversation and select ‘Report Member.’

If you feel a member is in breach of the Chat Terms of Use you can report them by pressing on the member's username in Chat, select the three dots to the right of their profile card, select Report, and provide as much information as possible as to why you’re reporting.

A member of our support team will then review your report and take further action if required. 

NOTE: we can only take action on matters which happen onsite, and we cannot act on unsubstantiated claims without being provided evidence through the correct channels.