Our nude beach sunset adventure

When I started dating Chris, one of the first things I learnt was how much he loved the beach, and how much he missed his old home close to the water. I grew up in the mountains, and had only been to the coast a few times. I found the idea of so much water frightening, so it was so interesting to me that Chris felt so at home there. This was one of the ways we were very different, but opposites attract.

After about a year, we had the opportunity to travel to his hometown, and I was excited to meet some of his family and old friends. The first few days was a whirlwind of meetings and dinners, and it was wonderful seeing my man surrounded by his loved ones. We’d just returned to our room after one of these busy lunches, and I collapsed onto the bed, exhausted. But Chris had something else in mind. He handed me a small gift bag and asked me to open it. Inside was a tiny silver bikini, with a note inviting me on a ‘sunset adventure’.

Chris helped tie me into my ‘swimsuit’. I was overflowing from all the right places, and he licked his lips appreciatively. I slowly turned for him, pushing out my ass for him to see how well the thong fit between my round cheeks. I pulled a dress over the top, and we were on our way. We followed the coast for a while, and I asked Chris why we couldn’t stop at one of the many beaches we were passing. All he would say was that I’d agreed to a sunset adventure, and that this was a special place to him. He finally pulled off the highway, and soon we were in a fairly secluded carpark.

We got out of the car, and grabbed our gear. Chris led me down a sandy dirt path zig-zagging through shrubs until at last we were out onto the beach. He dropped our bags and ran for the water, throwing off his clothes as he ran. I jogged after him, gathering clothes and smiling as he hollered and whooped. I stood and watch him sprint for the sea, suddenly realizing he was naked.

He was in the water, splashing as waving his shorts at me. I quickly looked around, aware of the other people on the beach and suddenly embarrassed by my boyfriend’s nakedness. Then I really saw. This was a nudist beach.

It wasn’t crowded so I guess I just didn’t notice. But now that I was looking, everyone was in a state of undress. It was ME who was out of place.

I grabbed our bags, and set up a spot. I take off my dress, and toy with my top, wondering if I could take it off. Chris comes back up the beach, smiling widely, his body glistening and looking gorgeous. He sits next to me, and his skin is cold against mine. There’s a tickle at my neck and my top falls forward. I try and grab my boobs, but Chris gently takes me hands. The sun radiates on my bare breasts, and my skin tingles. We kiss slowly for a while, the sun beating down on us, keeping us warm, while a light sea breeze blows upon our skin. We rub sand against each others feet as our legs entwine.

Taking a break to towel off the sweat, and have a drink, I decide to take my bikini bottom off. My hips are marked where the tight ties pressed into my skin, and Chris caresses it gently, and tells me it wouldn’t have happened if I’d got naked sooner. He refreshes my sunscreen, and I happily sit and watch the beach, realizing that the sun has got quite low and we must have kissed longer than I thought. Several couples are wandering along the edge of the water, and I find myself fascinated by the diversity of their bodies. I watch people from afar, and try to predict who they will be as they get closer and clearer.

After awhile I forgot my own nakedness. Chris went for another swim, while I remained at the water’s edge, kicking at the waves, and trying to splash Chris as he kicked through the water. I met a lovely woman and we were chatting about our grandma’s chutney recipes when Chris finally got out of the water, and kissed me with cold salty lips.

As promised, we watched the sun set. Still naked, but hugged together under dry towels, I began to understand why this spectacular place was so special to him. The sky glowed orange and pink, the few clouds lined with gold, and it reflected against the huge, rippled water. In some ways it was like watching fire. I stood up, dropping the towel and spreading my arms to the sunset. I let the light from the water and the moon and the setting sun cover and clothe me. He stood up next to me and put his arm around my shoulder. We needed to get home and make love.

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