My Erotic Dream

I don't know what we we’re playing, but you win and demand my mouth as a prize. I straddle you and your hardness can only be a dream. It fills the gulf between my legs like a perfect saddle. I breathe against your neck and ride into your crotch, my body encouraging yours. I lick under your jaw, and ask you if you like it.

Your response is to grab me round the waist and buck between my legs. The pressure on my wet pussy amazing. I ask you if we’re still going to kiss, and you nod. I see your long, thick forefinger touching from my temple to my chin. I watch that finger trail vaguely between my full breasts, and around, circling inward to my nipples.

I lay back on your legs and wrap my thighs tense around your back. My pussy stays glued to your throbbing shaft. I give you open access to my tits and tummy, as I trail my long nails gently down your arms. I hold your wrist, and its thickness and strong tendons flex against my palms. It reminds me of your fat, veined cock. I lift my eyes to you and you meet them with a growl. For a moment your face flashes lion-like. I’m not scared. It’s just a dream.

My heart beats wildly and I pull your hand to my breast, pressing your palm into it, and holding it there. We hold that tit, and your free hand wanders over the smooth curves of my body. You stroke me in long lines, traverse me with a fingertip, draw pictures with my goosebumped flesh. You enjoy doing it slowly. I writhe, whimper, beg, and buck. But you put a finger in my mouth, and hush me gently, and resume your slow, painful caress. I tongue and suck your finger, imagining it's your hard cock, and covering it with spit. And my pussy is equally wet. You’re getting me so hot. But from your heavy breathing, sweat, and animal eyes, I can tell you’re just as ready to explode.

You meet my eye, smile and take your finger from my mouth. You trace my dripping saliva around my lips, and quickly dot each nipple. My skin explodes in tingles, breasts so full they almost ache, my back arching as I raise my chest into your hands. You blow across my chest, and the wet trail freezes. My nipples glitter like diamonds.

Your hand keeps heading down, and my eyes close. I wonder if I really am dreaming? My brain is a little blurry, but I keep wondering if you really can have such soft, yet intense contact? Or does my anticipation make me imagine your touch? Then you pass my belly button, and move toward my hip and hit a ticklish spot. I yell, and tighten my legs around you, laughing. You chuckle too, and I look into your eyes. You’re so fucking hot. So very handsome. You’re still touching me, and I feel you. Then your finger slides smoothly inside me and a bolt of pure pleasure shoots from my pelvis up into my throat and forces forth a groan the likes of which I’ve never made. It's a voice I never knew I owned.

You make me whimper, you make me pant and shiver and tingle and squirm. You get me wet with a knowing hand on my hip, or with your scent when you wrap me up and hold me to your chest. It's you that moves your cock inside me, your shaft throbbing 'til it's so fat it's almost bursting.

We fuck so effortlessly, yet so passionately. You take my weight, move my body, place my legs where they need to be. All I have to do is meet your thrust with the slightest tilt of my hips.

I ask if you can feel that pulsing point inside me. ‘I see it,’ you reply. Light radiates from inside me – real light. My whole pussy is glowing, getting brighter every time you get that spot. It’s a perfect place for both of us, that makes us moan in time, and makes your cock feel even harder. So then I tighten my muscles and press my pussy around you harder. You know you're close to making me cum, and I get so excited to see the effort you put into giving me orgasms.

I don’t know who you are, or why you came into my dream, but when I woke up I tried to keep you close. I touched myself, trying to get the feeling you gave me in the dream. You’ve made me want to know myself in a whole new way. So whoever you are, thank you.

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