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38F & 34M San Antonio, TX

Looking for Women between 18 & 35 for Casual Sex, Friendship, Something Kinky

Kinky couple seeking fun

Discreet couple, fun, kinky and all the above

Ideal partner

Dtf us both.
Caucasian or Hispanic female. Brunette
No ties


Female Male
Age 38 34
Location San Antonio, TX
Relationship In a relationship
Sexual Orientation Bicurious Straight
Experience Exploring our options
How We Play Looking for threesomes
Can Host It Depends


Height 157.5 cm (5'2'') 160 cm (5'3'')
Body Type Average Athletic
Eyes Brown Brown
Hair Black Black
Tattoos Arm, Leg, Ankle, Shoulder, Lower Back Arm, Leg, Shoulder
Piercings Labret, Other -
Body Hair None
Pubic Hair Shaved / Waxed / Lasered Shaved / Waxed / Lasered
Bra Cup C
Endowment Length 20 cm (8'') - 23 cm (9'')
Endowment Girth Thick


Lifestyle Active Active
Drinking Only rarely I drink socially
Smoking Non-Smoker Only occasionally
Drugs I don't take drugs I don't take drugs
Practice Safe Sex Always Always


Ethnic Background White / Caucasian Hispanic
Personality Adventurous Outgoing / Sociable
Star Sign Cancer Aquarius

Work & Education

Education Bachelor degree Bachelor degree
Industry Healthcare & Medical Construction