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51M & 31F Woodford, SC

Looking for Women, Couples Any Age for Casual Sex

Searching for??

We've been together for 10 years 9 in a semi. So I'd say we get along better than most couples

Ideal partner

Couple with a BI female or a female who is bi and who is interested in hanging out with the girlfriend mainly,but also the Male. We're taking a break from driving over the road and plan on spending time at folly beach. Day trips until we find a house. Then weekends.


Male Female
Age 51 31
Location Woodford, SC
Relationship In a relationship
Sexual Orientation Straight Bisexual
Experience Newbie Swingers
How We Play Looking for threesomes


Height 180 cm (5'11'') 165 cm (5'5'')
Body Type Average Chubby
Eyes Blue Hazel
Hair Brown Red
Tattoos Arm, Leg, Ankle, Shoulder, Other -
Piercings - Ears, Nipple
Body Hair Light
Pubic Hair Shaved / Waxed / Lasered Shaved / Waxed / Lasered
Bra Cup DD
Endowment Length 15 cm (6'') - 18 cm (7'')
Endowment Girth Thick
Circumcised Yes


Lifestyle Traveller Traveller
Drinking I drink socially Only rarely
Smoking I am a smoker Non-Smoker
Drugs I don't take drugs I don't take drugs
Practice Safe Sex If Required If Required


Ethnic Background White / Caucasian White / Caucasian
Personality Honest / Genuine Introvert / Shy
Star Sign Cancer Capricorn