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39M & 26F Clover, SC

Looking for Women, Couples Any Age for Casual Sex

We are open for anything

We're a happy couple looking for the ultimate sexual experience with a big meaty dick , hotwire , or couples that just want to be FUCKED like we want

Ideal partner

Big titty , big ass and thick hips my wife can watch me put my big white dick deep in the pussy


Male Female
Age 39 26
Location Clover, SC
Relationship Married
Sexual Orientation Bicurious Bisexual
Experience Sexually Confident
How We Play Open relationship


Height 175 cm (5'9'') 162.5 cm (5'4'')
Weight 55 kg 61 kg
Body Type Athletic Voluptuous
Eyes Brown Green
Hair Brown Brown
Tattoos Arm, Leg, Other Arm, Shoulder, Lower Back, Other
Piercings Ears Ears, Tongue
Body Hair None
Pubic Hair Shaved / Waxed / Lasered Shaved / Waxed / Lasered
Bra Cup D
Endowment Length 18 cm (7'') - 20 cm (8'')
Endowment Girth Thick
Circumcised Yes


Lifestyle Adventurous Adventurous
Drinking I like to party hard Only rarely
Smoking I am a smoker I am a smoker
Practice Safe Sex If Required If Required


Ethnic Background White / Caucasian White / Caucasian
Personality Determined Adventurous
Star Sign Taurus Pisces


Have Children Yes, but don't live with me Yes, but don't live with me
Want Children No Maybe

Work & Education

Education High school/Equivalent
Industry Construction