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26, Male & 23, Female
Dallas, TX 75204 United States
Looking for Women, Couples Any Age for Casual encounters

Couple Seeking Women

Justin and Ashley. Kinky Couple who likes to explore the world, meet new people, be open minded and have fun. We have been a couple for exactly two years. We both have steady jobs and we currently reside in Dallas, TX.

Ideal partner

Justin and I are a couple looking for ONLY WOMEN, ages 20-24. We are open to going out together, sex, and just have some fun. Message us if you are interested.


Male Female
Age 26 23
Location Dallas, TX
Relationship In a relationship
Sexual Preference Straight Bisexual
Experience Sexually Confident
How We Play Looking for threesomes


Height 188 cm (6'2'') 157.5 cm (5'2'')
Weight 67 kg 43 kg
Body Type Slim Slim
Eyes Grey Hazel
Hair Brown Red
Tattoos - Ankle, Other
Piercings - Ears, Nose, Belly Button
Body Hair Light
Pubic Hair Light Shaved / Waxed / Lasered
Bra Cup B
Endowment Length 13 cm (5'') - 15 cm (6'')
Endowment Girth Average
Circumcised No


Lifestyle Relaxed Adventurous
Drinking I drink socially Only rarely
Smoking Only occasionally Only occasionally
Practice Safe Sex If Required If Required


Ethnic Background White / Caucasian White / Caucasian
Personality Optimist / Easy going Outgoing / Sociable
Star Sign Capricorn Aquarius


Have Children No No
Want Children No No

Work & Education

Education High school/Equivalent Diploma/Certificate
Industry Other Healthcare & Medical


four play
girl on girl
Safe Sex
Sex toys
submissive women
submissive/being dominated
Sucking cock
Toys (vibrators, plugs, strap-ons)
Toys, masturbation, role play, Etc.,
Woman only