Does Swingles check the authenticity of new members?

The Support Team checks all profile text and images before they are uploaded to a profile. This process may take up to 10 hours.

The Support Team also checks every suspicious profile and those suspicious profiles that are reported to us. In order to maintain the integrity of our service, we encourage our members to report any members they deem suspicious, or who do not respect our Terms of Use.

You may report another member to our support team by visiting their profile and selecting the MoreMoreicon which is located in their profile summary bar. Select 'Report Member' and select an appropriate reason for your report.

Alternatively, please contact the support team with the display name, location, age (as stated on the profile), and any additional information as to why you suspect the member is suspicious.

Another great way to know that a profile is genuine is to check that they have the blue tick next to their profile which means their profile is verified.

Click here to learn more about profile verification.