How can I unlink Facebook® from my account?

When you create an account using Facebook®, we only receive data that allows us to create your account, including your public profile name, email address, relationship interests, birthday and current city.

It's worthwhile noting that creating an account using this process does not allow us to post anything to your Facebook®. Only you may choose to import photos from your Facebook to your Swingles profile. 

To unlink your Swingles account from Facebook® follow these steps:

  • While logged into Swingles go to your 'account settings' > followed by 'Account'. Under 'Connected Accounts' select 'Unlink' next to Facebook®.
  • While logged into your Facebook® visit 'Settings' and select 'Apps' and remove the Swingles application. 

For further assistance please get in touch with our Support Team who may assist you further.